Trufforum® is an annual event that aims to reach the largest number of consumers so it has been designed for its organization in cities with attractive exhibition spaces that guarantee the influx of public and maximum dissemination. Trufforum® is held during a weekend in the middle of a black truffle campaign in Europe.

Trufforum® contains:

  • Educational and demonstrative market in which a representation of truffle growers associations belonging to the territories of the EMI may sell its truffles directly to consumers under a control of quality, visual identity and common prices.
  • Exhibition of different species of truffles conducted by specialists to explain to the public the differences between them, as well as the differences with artificial aromas.
  • Specific talks and workshops to deepen the knowledge of the objective issues of this promotional and informative event.
  • International technical scientific seminar to update knowledge in ecology, cultivation, culinary and tourist use of european black truffle.
  • Tasting point of fresh truffles from the different European territories to popularize the use in the kitchen in a simple way.
  • Parallel market of products made with black truffle without aromas of synthesis.

If you are interested in organizing Trufforum® please see here and check our calls.

Previous editions

Zaragoza (Spain) 2017

Vic, Barcelona (Spain) 2019

Vic, Barcelona (Spain) 2020

Catalunya, Castilla y León and Aragón (Spain), Occitanie (France) 2020

Vic, Soria and Teruel (Spain), Occitanie (France), New York (USA) 2021