Fungi Friendly

Fungi-Friendly-Forest® is a mark of quality created by the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation “European Mycological Institute” (AECT-EMI) to recognise the commitment of forestry territories to sustainable management, enhancement and research regarding their mycological resources in light of these main challenges:

  • How to showcase the ecological functions of fungi in adapting to climate change in woodlands and the conservation of biodiversity

  • How to manage territories in a multi-functional manner to preserve mycological resources and their social, tourist and agri-food functions

  • How to prevent conflict in the use of forestry areas.

Joining the Fungi-Friendly-Forest® network fosters the exchange of scientific and technical knowledge and innovation between territories, as well as the support of public-private agents interested in the transitions required for the mycological resources of forest to be used in a responsible manner as a driver of rural development.

Belonging to this network similarly allows for the international promotion of territories and innovative co-operation between public-private agents in order to develop quality mycological produce and services capable of attracting urban-dwellers into the rural environment.

The enhancement process of the territories/mycological parks is based on the principles of independence, transparency, operability and co-operation.

Table 1: Network of territories/mycological parks: description of process


  • Local economy
  • Social development
  • Adaptation of woodland to global change and biodiversity


  • Multi-disciplinary combination (ecology, sociology, economy, management)
  • Territorial approach
  • Public-private co-operation
  • International co-operation