Mycoforum® is an international event created by the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation “European Mycological Institute” (EGTC-EMI) in order to facilitate the exchange of scientific-technical knowledge between Mycological Parks linked to EMI and promoting the responsible use of mycological forest resources as a driver of rural development. It aims to facilitate innovative cooperation between public-private stakeholders involved, based on quality mycological products and services capable of generating territorial attractiveness from cities to rural areas.

In addition, Mycoforum will sensitize society to:

  • The ecological importance of fungi in forests
  • The importance of considering fungi in forest management (mycoselviculture)
  • The different usable local species, where and how to collect them from responsibly
  • The importance of quality control to guarantee food safety and avoid fraud
  • The most suitable ways of using mushrooms in the kitchen to enjoy all their qualities
  • Mycotourism: mycological parks, local agri-food products, fairs, workshops, specialized restaurants, etc.

If you are interested in organizing Mycoforum® please check our calls.